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Introducing Our 4th of July Menu

Each of us at the shop has off-menu dishes that we turn to when we need to a feed a hungry crowd. We talk about them amongst each other an awful lot and occasionally whip them up for meals on slow days, but we've never manged to put them on a proper menu... until now.

We're pleased to share our Fourth of July Menu, a menu of complete breakfast, lunch, and dinner items to help you feed the hungry masses over the long weekend. You can check out the full menu at this link, but some of them have an interesting back story that's worth sharing.

Breakfast Sandwich Kit

Like the rest of the Garden State, we grew up ordering porkroll, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches on hard rolls and everything bagels. However, our housemade brioche buns are a solid change of pace that earned the following Instagram caption when I made them for a house full of ladies at my sister-in-law's bachelorette party three years ago.

The Perrotti's Cheesesteak

A few years ago we threw our hat in the ring for title of Best Rutgers Football Tailgate. We didn't win, but but the marinated skirt steak cheesesteak with pepperjack cheese, sauteed onions on a loaf of French bread garlic bread that we created for the event did make Pete Genovese's knees buckle... or at least that's how we remember it. Francis Romano will back us up on this.

Our Favorite TV Dads (and What We'd Make them for Dinner)

For Father's Day we created a menu inspired by our favorite TV Dads. Based on the orders that came in, The Ron Swanson, The Tony Danza, and The Frank Costanza really seemed to resonate with you guys, so we're bringing them back to help celebrate this weekend.

In the spirit of full-disclosure, some of these dishes do require a bit of prep (no more than 20 minutes, we promise). If you need some motivation, here's a video of Bill Pullman getting folks jacked up to save the world during the 1996 smash Independence Day.

Happy Fourth!

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