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We're Moving to Curbside Pickup

Updated: May 25, 2020

Like all of you, we're trying to do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and #flattenthecurve. We also remain committed to serving exceptional prepared foods and essentials to our customers as safely as possible. To continue delivering on both goals, starting Monday, March 23rd we will begin offering curbside pickup at our Basking Ridge location exclusively. This will eliminate customer foot traffic in the store and help all of us to practice social distancing.

This arrangement is sure to be as awkward as a middle school dance, but we made it through those, and we'll make it through this.

How to place your order...

You can place your order online! Wait times will fluctuate with the volume of orders we receive, so please refer to our online menu for the most current information on the earliest pickup date that we can accommodate.

How to pick up your order...

  1. When you arrive at the shop, pull into one of our numbered parking spots.

  2. Call us at 908-306-8806 to give us the name on your order and parking spot number.

  3. Pop your trunk so we can place your order in there.

  4. After we've placed your order in your trunk, you can roll out.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience as we figure out these new processes and work together to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

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1 Comment

Apr 01, 2020

Thought we placed an order hour ago. Not sure if it was received.


Thank you Jane Mercer

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