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The Seasoned Veteran's Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving

A professional at work

That's my mother-in-law, Barb Hagan, carefully tending to one of the three turkeys she cooks each year for Thanksgiving. She's what you might refer to as a Thanksgiving Host: Level - Ninja. For decades now she's hosted 40+ family members from across the country each November with a deftly weaved tapestry of folding chairs, card tables, good food, exceptional patience, and lots of love. If you think she pays the sort of laser-focused attention you see in the photo above to budget poultry, you'd be mistaken. When the hungry masses arrive at her doorstep each Thanksgiving, Barb only serves fresh, never-frozen 20-pound birds from Jaindl farms that she picked up from Perrotti's. Because that much tryptophan is the only way she can keep all 40+ of us in place long enough to pose for the annual family photo.

Doris's Motley Crew

If you're looking to bring Barb-level heat this Thanksgiving, give us a call to place your turkey order today. While you're at it, load up on trays of sides from our holidy menu to make hosting and cooking a breeze.

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