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Here's to Our Grads!

Ridge High School’s graduation ceremony was originally scheduled for today, and like many things in 2020, it did not go according to plan. Which is a real shame. We’ve had the opportunity to work with three of those graduating seniors: Aidan Starkes, Will Kendall, and Stephen Portas.

Each of them has consistently shown up for us on nights and weekends, ready to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. We’re excited to see where that work ethic takes them in the years to come. And since they won’t have the opportunity to walk across the podium to be acknowledged for the work they’ve put in, we’ll just have to roll up our sleeves and do it here.

Aidan Starkes

Plans for the Fall: Study Marketing Management at Virginia Tech.

Favorite HS Memory: Always my Ridge lacrosse games.

Go-To Item from the Perrotti’s Menu: Ovengold Turkey sandwich

Will Kendall

Plans for the Fall: Villanova University

Favorite HS Memory: The whiteout football game senior year

Go-To Item from the Perrotti’s Menu: Breaded Chicken sandwich

Stephen Portas

Plans for the Fall: Study Finance at Virginia Tech.

Favorite HS Memory: Beating Immaculata in basketball senior year.

Go-To Item from the Perrotti’s Menu: Chicken Parm

These guys won't get to sit on the football field tonight to hear some choice words from school administrators and your class speaker, so we decided to bring in Will Ferrell to deliver some words of inspiration. Since he remains in quarantine, and his appearance fees are well beyond our modest budget, this YouTube video of his recorded remarks at University of Southern California in 2017 will have to do.

Keep throwing darts, fellas. Best of luck.

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