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Buffalo Wings: An American Underdog Story

Updated: Feb 9

Did you know that in the build up to the Super Bowl, our country's demand for chicken wings surges to the point that they become the most expensive part of the chicken? For people like me who can barely remember a time before this Domino's jingle was haunting our collective dreams (Gotta be, gotta be Domino's… BUFFALO WINGS), this isn't a surprise. What else are people going to eat while they watch football and drink beers? This is America.

However, chicken wings did not always reside at the pinnacle of the pyramid of desirable poultry parts. There was a time, before the Super Bowl itself, when chicken wings were an afterthought in many American kitchens. For most folks, they were a suitable ingredient for chicken stock or the trash can. That all changed one star-crossed Friday night in Buffalo, New York in 1964.

There are conflicting accounts about the circumstances surrounding their debut, but most agree that Teressa Bellissimo prepared the original plate of buffalo wings. The small business owner and mother whipped up the first batch for her son and his friends at her family's establishment, Anchor Bar.

The story goes that late one Friday night Teressa's son and some of his friends wandered into the bar looking for late night snack. With the kitchen closed down for the night, Bellissimo went full-Mom and improvised a solution. She snapped some wings in half (creating the "drumette" and the "flat"), deep-fried them with no breading, slathered them in a homemade hot sauce, and served them with celery and blue cheese dressing. The dish became an instant hit in Buffalo and the rest of the nation quickly followed suit. (If you want to know the full story on the origin of buffalo wings, this article is a good start.)

If you've been in either of our shops before, you know that we offer a few different takes on this American stape: classic hot wings, BBQ wings, garlic parmesan wings, and teryaki wings. And since heading to a bar to catch the game is still ill-advised, we've got you covered with plenty of fan favorites, including:

* Wings

* Baby Back Ribs

* Chicken Chili

* Meat Chili

* Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

* Chicken Fingers

* Potato Wedges

* Sweet Potato Wedges

* ... and more!

Come on by the shop to put the finishing touches on your spread for the big game today and enjoy the game!

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