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Our Favorite Leftover Turkey Recipes

As TNT reminds us for 24 hours every Christmas, the Bumpus’s dogs broke into the little Ralphie Parker’s childhood home and ravaged his family’s turkey to the bones. It was a tragedy. Until Kevin Malone fumbled his heaping pot of chili in the office decades later, it stood as this great nation’s undisputed standard of agonizing food loss. Check the footage if you don’t believe me:

Adult Ralphie narrates the carnage and its aftermath this way: “The heavenly aroma still hung in the house. But it was gone, all gone! No turkey! No turkey sandwiches! No turkey salad! No turkey gravy! Turkey Hash! Turkey a la King! Or gallons of turkey soup! Gone, ALL GONE!”

Take care to note that adult Ralphie isn’t just mourning the loss of Christmas dinner, he’s mourning the loss of the parade of leftovers that should have followed his family’s triumphant holiday feast. Therein lies the real tragedy. As we all know, dreams of a well-spent Thanksgiving Weekend are built on an abundance of football, leftover turkey, and the dynamite recipes we use to breath new life into said turkey. At least that’s how we see it.

TLDR: Here are our favorite leftover turkey recipes.

The Thanksgiving Ring

The brilliance of the Thanksgiving Ring lies in its simplicity: just stuff all your leftovers into the dough from a tube of crescent rolls.

Turkey and Dumplings

November is bulk season, cook accordingly with turkey and dumplings.

Turkey, Cranberry, and Brie Grilled Cheese

Turkey, cranberry, and brie is just your standard leftover turkey sandwich in a tuxedo... and it doesn't look half bad.

Turkey Hash

Drop a poached egg on top of your turkey hash for Friday morning brunch and punch your ticket to nap town.

Hot Brown

If you can get past the name, the Hot Brown may be the best way to enjoy leftover turkey on the entire list.

Turkey Ramen

The improbable ascendance of ramen noodles to the top of the foodie pantheon is one of the biggest reasons we still believe in the Mets. Accordingly, we'll be enjoying turkey ramen while we daydream of Pete Alonso mashing taters in the 2020 World Series.


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